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Quick Site Review

What can you do to improve your site performance, design and usability? While that requires a fairly client-specific answer – there are a few things you can start with to make sure your site is headed in the right direction. This is just a sampling of the 125+ items we look at during our full site diagnostic evaluation.

  1. Is the site organized based on user’s tasks (not the company’s internal organization)?
  2. Does the site convey the company’s brand throughout the site (not just the homepage)?
  3. Are page titles, meta tags and descriptions updated and accurate for optimized search performance?
  4. Is the site navigation clear and is it easy to remember?
  5. Does the home page clearly communicate the scope of the site?
  6. Are page components consistently placed throughout the site?
  7. Is the content concise and relevant to users?
  8. Does the language on the site invite the user to take action?
  9. Is the company’s contact information easily accessible?
  10. Are the pages too ‘heavy’ for quick user load times?

Want to learn how AcrobatAnt can help you improve the design and function of your website? Contact Ryan Watkins-Hughes or phone him at 918-938-7901.

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