Small Business? Mid Size? Large Business?

Most companies, large or small, need to present themselves as professional and someone you would want to do business with. Almost every business encounters problems related to graphic design, advertising, or marketing. Companies need graphic design professionals experienced in internet marketing, web site design, and traditional media marketing. AcrobatAnt is a full service advertising and marketing agency that specializes in solving visual branding concerns for small, mid-sized and large companies.

Our clients come to us seeking help to create a look, messaging, brand recognition and consistency in their marketing and advertising strategies. They know that they need to invest in their business to generate profits in the future. AcrobatAnt works as one of your team members to produce a refined, consistent graphic design strategy within your budget—everything from web site design to graphic design collateral for all print, broadcast and on-line media.

Good advertising and marketing can be exactly what your budget will allow… We know that we need to invest in your dream to make our dreams come true. We know that if we help your small business to grow that you will come back to the ones who helped make that happen.

Contact one of us today… we can help. Angela Harless – (918) 938-7912 or

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