6 Smart Moves to Get Started with Healthcare Content Marketing


Smart healthcare marketers understand that today’s healthcare consumers have virtually shut off the traditional world of marketing and chosen messaging that makes them stop, think and behave differently.

It’s no wonder then, that content marketing is now a cornerstone of inbound marketing efforts in healthcare marketing. So what do you need to get started? This is the first question of many that marketers ask themselves.

For starters, a carefully planned strategy and well-coordinated implementation is required to be successful. In the content marketing efforts we manage for clients and ourselves, we’ve discovered six components that are crucial in getting started on the right foot.

  1. Establish your target market. Who will you talk to? Everyone? Think again. That net is much too wide. Is your target a specific age group? Parents? Women? This is one of the initial steps to take before one piece of content is created. Establish who your target audience is for your content marketing plan and base it on age, location, income and other demographic information.
  2. Create reader profiles (or personas). This technique is fairly simple. Start by identifying the attributes needed for someone to be your patient. The goal is to describe who you will attempt to write for or who might already be reading your content. Going through this exercise will help to personalize your writing, identify ways to connect with your healthcare consumer and create more practical content with their needs in mind.
  3. Determine digital distribution. How are you distributing your content? Before you create it, decide where you will host, publish and post it. A website or microsite is one of the more common platforms because you can disseminate your healthcare content through a blog, photo gallery, videos, podcasts, webinars, Tweet Chats, etc. From it, social media should play a major role as distributor, refer to Content Marketing Is Not Social Media Marketing, as it can extend the reach of your content and foster authentic conversations with your healthcare consumers.
  4. Research keywords. What words do users type when they are searching for health information? It’s of the utmost importance to do the research and choose words with the highest number of monthly searches and the lowest competition.
  5. Think like a publisher. Publishers use editorial calendars to monitor dates, track specifics of content ideas and keep content consistent and relevant. It also allows you to see connections within your content, get ideas on how you can repurpose it and ensures you have key information for SEO.
  6. Report, analyze and adjust. One of inbound marketing’s biggest benefits is the ability to track and measure your progress to see what’s working. Then you can adapt to optimize results.

All of these are the critical components of a successful healthcare content plan to put in place that will ensure you are on the right path for success.

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