Targeted Marketing

With tightening budgets and niche audiences, it is often best to use a targeted approach (versus mass media) to reach new and existing customers. Most targeted approaches offer the benefit of additional insights through digital tracking, the ability to A/B test creative, and real-time reporting. AcrobatAnt offers a client dashboard that allows most digital campaign tactics to be viewed within a single dashboard view, in addition to robust monthly or quarterly reporting.


We produce creative and strategic direct mail pieces, but we don’t stop there. We also assist with list acquisition and filtering, printing and mail services, and measuring the effectiveness of your mailers.
Whether it’s targeting specific households with propensity lists, evaluating your current website traffic to target a similar audience, or targeting an existing physical mailing list with digital channels, we’ll help you get the measurable results you need out of your direct mailers.

Direct Mail
IP Targeting


Our direct marketing capabilities include digital targeting tactics that can result in greater reach and frequency. For example, we can upload a physical mailing list—either a purchased or current customer list—and deliver content directly to the IP address of each person (or business) on the list. IP targeting offers a level of precision and personalization that other methods of digital targeting cannot match.


We can help you create a custom audience from a list of your existing customers, then target ads to that audience on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network. The process involves uploading, copying and pasting, or importing your hashed customer list, then using the hashed data to match the people on your list to people on social media.

Custom Audiences
Connected TV / Over-the-top


Mirroring traditional television spots, CTV/OTT is a video-placement platform involving standard pre-roll video that is targeted to users streaming content via smart TVs, gaming consoles and streaming services such as Roku and Playstation. This high-impact placement allows you to make the most of a captive audience, and can be targeted to reach an individual user.