The Difference Between Content Marketing and Brand Journalism

If your hospital has been to any healthcare marketing conference in the last three years, it’s likely you’ve heard information about content marketing and brand journalism. While the two are often spoken about interchangeably, they should be used differently based on your objective. It’s important to know the difference.

Brand journalism marries brand management and journalistic storytelling, according to Advertising Age, while content marketing is “delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent,” according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Diane Gage Lofgren wrote a helpful article in Marketing Healthcare Services Magazine, “Telling Your Brand Story; Leveraging the Power of Brand Journalism

In the article, she provides a comparison of content marketing versus brand journalism:

Content Marketing:

  • Grows audience
  • Generates awareness
  • Converts leads
  • Drives traffic
  • Markets a product
  • Includes a call to action to sell

Brand Journalism:

  • Employs editorial style and a journalistic mindset
  • Entertains, inspires and influences
  • Builds relationships
  • Engages audiences without being promotional
  • Tells vs. sells

In both types of content, a long-term consistent and strategic approach is the key to results. Both content marketing and brand journalism should have a place in your health system’s marketing mix.

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