Three Ways to Take 2015 Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Next year healthcare marketers will continue to ride the wave of innovation and evolving consumer behavior. There is plenty you can do to ensure success within the changing healthcare consumer journey. Here are three things to consider for 2015:

1. Use social media during seminars and webinars

  • Include a unique hashtag on Twitter where viewers of the webinar can ask questions, give feedback and receive answers from the healthcare team
  • Promote the hasthag on webinar advertising
  • Interact with the hashtag live on Twitter during the webinar
    – Respond to tweets via Twitter and during the webinar if it is live streaming
  • Use the hashtag to promote related upcoming events and/or specials related to the seminar topic

2. Be more human

  • Employee advocates can interact with your target audience via social media
    – Tweet chats or Google+hangouts with experts can help your brand develop a strong rapport with patients
  • Include more videos, photos using humor and inspiration in your content mix

3. Dream mobile 

  • Can patients schedule appointments via Facebook and Twitter? Why not?
  • Allow patients to opt in for follow ups via direct messages on Facebook and Twitter
  • Send a text message post surgery to ask how patients are doing and provide gentle care reminders
  • Provide an app for easy access to a campus map and physician directory
  • Do you have a doctor-led online support group for common chronic illnesses?

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