Tips for Designing and Writing for a Senior Audience

Designing and writing for a senior audience is a little different from writing to a younger audience. Below are some pointers for your next piece targeted to a senior audience.


-Keep font sizes at least 12pt or even 14pt when using smaller fonts like Times New Roman

-Don’t use all caps and maximize contrast

-Avoid italics, condensed type and modifying typefaces

-Be direct and specific in writing. Asking questions or leading with incorrect information to make a point may lead to confusion later.

-Ideal word count is 300 words

-Develop content that appeals to emotions

-Limit the number of key points to three or five

-Use active voice

-Repeat main points multiple times

-Keep line lengths to a maximum of 50-65 characters

-Break lengthy documents into shorter sections or paragraphs


-Traditional, clean design

-Prefer a single image vs. a collage of imagery

-As a rule, lifestyle imagery vs. product shots is preferred

-Prefer identifiable photos vs. cropped images that do not show faces

-Select photos that are the target age market minus 10 to 12 years

-Allow for white space, provides a place for the eye to relax

-Simplify website navigation


-Prefer in-person interaction

-Deals and discounts get them intrigued

-Avoid stereotypes; 47 percent say stereotypes of their generation are inaccurate

-Gravitate towards research and testimonials

-Be clear about your organization’s purpose, mission and ideals

-Carefully select paper. Gloss can create a shine that makes text difficult to read and thin paper may allow bleed from text on the opposite side of the page.

Sources:, 01/16/15



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