Tips to keeping up with the moving target of social media.

Nothing in marketing is changing as rapidly as social media. By the time you adjust to one thing, it’s evolved into something else. Certain facts paint a picture of just how sweeping this change can be. For instance, 95 percent of Facebook users log in to their accounts each day.* But, Google+ adds 25,000 new users daily and is quickly gaining on Facebook.** And with its Web assets leverage, Google+ is a serious choice to consider.

Perhaps the most stunning change is occurring in Pinterest. This visual-centric channel is by far the fastest growing of them all. But moving images are equally in demand. For instance, a branded Vine video is four times more likely to be seen than a regular branded video.*** With so many choices for marketers to choose from, it pays to hire a social media specialist that’s in touch with the pulse of the industry. Let AcrobatAnt help you solve your social media puzzle. Which channels are you using to promote your business?


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**Source: Sociable
***Source: 7th Chamber

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