Top 10 Discussions from #HMPS15 (in no particular order)

1. Ann Hadley. Enjoyed her presentation’s great mix of content and humor. Her theme of “We don’t need more content. We need better content.” was well spoken and full of great quotes. Ann has a formula for truly great content: useful x empathy x inspired. And she says the key is multiplication. Because if any part is zero, they’ve all failed.

2. Session: One System’s shift to the new marketing paradigm. Chris Bevolo’s (ReviveHealth) presentation of best practices and the new marketing paradigm was great when paired with Chris Ernst’s case study. We’re excited to see El Camonio Hospital’s new website go live and all of their hard work come to fruition. Takeaway: make engaging audiences your number one goal.

3. Sheri Harris with StayWell. Loved catching up with a longtime business associate and friend. We had a great chat about the future of each other’s recent successes and what opportunities may be on the horizon.

4. Session: Dealing with accolade addiction. We thoroughly enjoyed the open discussion and free form conversation from a variety of points-of-view and health system backgrounds. Takeaway: Don’t let another organization control your brand strategy by relying on their award for your messaging and communications. And, don’t you have something better to do with $40,000+?

5. Session: Creating a stellar internal communications program. Kim Fox, Jarrard Phillips Cate and Hancock, did a great job of outlining the reason why internal communications are vital in our industry. Dennis Pullin with MedStar Health gave great, practical examples of how they put best practices into use. Both outlined key takeaways and the low hanging fruit so internal communications improvement can begin at each person’s health system.

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6. Robert Link and Philip Guiliano with BrandActive. Enjoyed great conversations about health system rebranding, successes and opportunities going forward.

7. Twitter users enhanced the conference even more. We loved reading tweets from sessions that we couldn’t attend. It’s great to get snippets and takeaways even when you can be there. Thanks to @ChrisBoyer, @DanDunlap, @cynthiamanley, @bbalderaz, @cjbryant and the almost 200 people in the twittersphere making #HMPS15 even better.

8. Session: Beyond the Obvious. Paul Szablowski and Rob Rosenberg discussed their findings from a new consumer study on brand preference. Gave great insight to what should just be considered the cost of entry to be marketing in the Healthcare market and what truly differentiates you as a system. Very engaging session.

9. Session: Strategy and Alignment for new Affiliations. Good discussion of how a larger healthcare system successfully merged with smaller more specific clinical practices. And how to similar entities were able to merge leveraging local and national prowess to each of their advantage to gain market share.

10. Session: Marketers from Other Industries: Lessons Learned from the Transition. It’s refreshing to view healthcare marketing from the eyes of those who were once outside our industry. Being reminded about why we do what we do (thanks Chantal Stephens) and how to bring our past experience into our health systems to help drive our missions forward is what we’re all about. It’s all about the brand and the mission. Great inspiration and content from Paul Matsen (Cleveland Clinic), Stewart Schaffer and Chantal Stephens (Orlando Health).

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