Top Five Things to Look for in Healthcare Marketing in 2015

It’s 2015 and that means there are a lot of things changing in the healthcare world. Digital content has taken over and there are issues to be aware of in 2015. Here are our top five things to be aware of in 2015 within healthcare marketing. 

1. “Do it yourself” healthcare. According to the FDA, 500 m

2. Consumers becoming avid researchers. Today, more and more people are researching their medical issues online. Rather than going to the doctor and explaining their symptoms, they type in their symptoms on a search engine and diagnose themselves. illion smartphone users worldwide will be using a healthcare application in 2015. The development of healthcare mobile apps is evolving quickly and it is important to remind consumers that these apps cannot replace healthcare provders. They are a great addition, but should not be used instead of a healthcare provider.

3. Digital channels have overtaken traditional marketing. As a healthcare marketer, it is important to understand that marketing has changed over the years. If you are not involved in digital marketing, it is time to start. “76 percent of patients were using hospital websites for research, compared to 32 percent using TV, 20 percent using magazines and 18 percent using newspapers,” according to

4. Winning over the Millennials. Marketing to Millennials is similar to how digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing. It’s a different crowd than the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Millennials value health and happiness, but are concerned when it comes to cost, according to This could explain the increase in healthcare research performed online, mobile apps, etc., rather than spending the time and money at a doctor’s office.

5. Getting to know the newly insured. With the new 2015 healthcare laws, there will be healthcare consumers who may have never been a consumer before. It is important to remember that some are new to this industry and we may need to over explain, be patient and adapt quickly.

These top five things all have one major thing in common: digital marketing. It is clear that digital marketing continues to be powerful and impactful in 2015.

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