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Using Positioning in Physician Marketing


Identify with your healthcare audience when marketing new physicians by giving them relevant information and a reason to connect. 

Due to the looming shortage in physicians and efforts by healthcare organizations to stay competitive, physician recruitment is on the rise. You may forget – in your attempt to build physician volume – that marketing a new physician is an introduction of that person to your market. Too many times healthcare organizations focus on presenting the nuts and bolts from his CV and forget that we are actually trying to humanize this person to our healthcare audience.

We must remember that people want to do business with someone they know, like and trust.

We need to redirect the focus of our marketing and advertising materials to our healthcare audience and feature information like her experience, how she can help them, why she got into medicine, what she specializes in, etc. Facts, such as a relocation from a previous city don’t mean much either. If the physician specializes in a particular field, it’s best not to include a laundry list of complicated procedures and acronyms because the typical healthcare consumer doesn’t know what they are or care.

Also, most consumers assume that a physician is qualified to be a physician, so exclude board certified (if you can) because it isn’t important to an average healthcare consumer. Consider a new internist who specializes in gastroenterology:

Version 1:

Headline: Welcome, Dr. Smith.

General Hospital is proud to welcome board-certified internist, James Smith, M.D. to our community. He comes to us from Anytown, Alabama where he completed his residency at Medical School. His advanced training includes endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), and he also specializes in the early detection of colon cancer. Call for an appointment: XXX-XXXX

Version 2:

Headline: Specializing in digestive health

James Smith, M.D. offers robust gastroenterology and hepatology services. His advanced training includes a procedure to identify stones, tumors and other problems of the digestive system. Dr. Smith specializes in colonoscopy screenings and the early detection of colon cancer.

Welcoming new patients. Call XXX-XXXX for more information or to make an appointment.

If a consumer were looking for a new physician because they were having digestive issues, which version of the ad would a reader most likely identify with?

Keep the consumer in mind when writing your copy – even your new physician ads. Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your healthcare audience because of confusing or irrelevant copy.

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