Value proposition as part of your social media marketing strategy

If a customer walked up to you and asked, “What can your business do for me? Why your product? Why your service?” would you know what to say? Your answer, if it convinces said customer that purchasing your product or service will benefit them in some way—by adding value to their lives or solving a problem—is your value proposition. It is your niche that sets your business apart from competitors in at least one way. If that one way is valuable to that one customer, you’ve found your value proposition.

Since social media became a forerunner in the advertising and marketing realm, the term has gained even more footing as being a relevant aspect of the marketing strategy. “Unlike TV ads or billboards, it is no longer enough to buy time in front of a consumer’s face. Marketers realized they needed to earn attention,” writes Dani Fankhauser in this Mashable article.

Implementing value proposition into your social media strategy is absolutely necessary. Instead of “What will I gain from using this product?” consumers will ask, “What will I gain from ‘Liking’ this Facebook page? Or following this Twitter account?” By providing an obvious answer to these questions, your brand will have developed its social media value proposition.

How is your brand incorporating its value proposition into its social media strategy?

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