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We are experts in crafting websites, guaranteeing our clients receive innovative designs that are visually stunning and easy to navigate.

With over 35 years of web development expertise, our team ensures the success of your website. Our dedication to being at the forefront of web development enables us to deliver websites that surpass our clients' expectations.


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• Driven by achieving results.

• State-of-the-art Websites.

• Easily manage your content.

• Assisting companies of all sizes.

• Responsive designs for the web.

What We Offer

Website Services

Each website we create is built using a robust CMS (content management system) platform. This means that once your website is completed, you can easily take control of it. We provide you the tools and training to publish, store, and update content on your website, without any knowledge of coding.

Custom Theme Development
Plugin Development
Website Customization
WooCommerce Development
Maintenance and Support

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say

At AcrobatAnt we like to say that we work with our clients, not just for them. Building a truly great website shouldn’t be a one-sided project; after all, you are the experts in your field. Your knowledge is invaluable! These testimonials reflect our commitment to fostering trust, building lasting relationships, and exceeding expectations.

Tanya Andrews, CTIS
“I have always dreamed of a modern, user-friendly website with great content, amazing photos and online forms that were easy to navigate; AcrobatAnt built just that! Working with the team was a fantastic experience. Everyone involved in the two websites I was a part of, were professional, creative, listened to my crazy ideas and found away to implement those crazy ideas. The team was engaged with my team from start to finish, and the pieces of both projects were completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend AcrobatAnt to you, let the team create your dream website…you will be amazed!”
Laura Latta, Ph.D.
Executive Director
“Working with AcrobatAnt is a dream. Their team is helpful, communicative, and highly skilled. I was amazed at how the team caught the vision for our brand and our website and then created a product that exceeded our expectations. The staff is easy to work with and not only help answer our website and branding questions, they equip us with the tools and resources that we need to help us navigate issues before they arise. I recommend AcrobatAnt to my friends and family for branding and web development expertise. ”
Our Impact

Website Portfolio

AcrobatAnt is the trusted partner of companies nationwide, helping them elevate their brand, empower their business, and maximize their website's impact.

Free Five-Point Website Audit

Unlock the potential of your website by requesting our free five-point website audit. This comprehensive review will assess your website readiness in five crucial areas and give you actionable insights for improvement.

ADA Compliance – Make sure your website is usable for as many users as possible. We’ll point out any changes that could significantly impact your website’s accessibility and highlight any areas where your site excels.

Code Structure – Inactive, outdated code can significantly impact your website’s page load speed, which impacts organic search performance. We’ll review your website’s code to ensure it’s not loading code that isn’t in use.

Page Speed – Speaking of loading quickly, we’ll provide insights into other issues that could be impacting your website load time, such as oversized images, improperly embedded video, and redundant code.

SEO Health Score – We’ll review your site to ensure it meets the minimum requirements for good SEO, then identify and recommend opportunities to boost your rankings.

Measurement Readiness – Information is key to making good decisions. We’ll assess your site to ensure that you have tools in place to track key user interactions and behavior across your site.

Don’t have a website? Looking for ways to improve website performance? Fill out the form and one of our digital specialists will contact you to better understand your challenges and then discuss how we can support your brand’s digital presence.

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Free Five-Point Website Audit

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