What does it take to build a brand?

A short discussion about brand architecture.

A brand isn’t a name. It isn’t a logo. It isn’t a creative style. It’s not a tagline.

Then, what is it? A brand is the meaning of what resides in the mind of the target audiences…the perception that comes from a complex set of images, emotions, thoughts, history, experiences and expectations.

As brand stewards, we try to own that little piece of the audience’s mind, so we can conjure up the brand’s desired perception with the right stimuli. So, building a brand is a contest of perceptions.

At AcrobatAnt, we build from the ground up, starting with the brand architecture process. We begin with a realistic and accurate assessment of the brand’s perception, and what we want audiences to think or believe about the brand. In that gap between what is and what should be lies an amazing opportunity for us to drive perceptions.

We examine the brand’s core values and attributes (what adjectives best describe the brand), brand segments and influencers—all to steer us to the master brand statement or brand promise (what it means to experience the brand).

It’s not a mission statement. A brand promise summarizes what the brand is and what it stands for. Aspirational, yet attainable. Emotional, yet rational. And built on truth—100% believable. 100% deliverable. Driving every communication. Relentlessly executed.

And then the fun begins. Want to know more?

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