Who is this Bryan Cooper and how does he know so much about logo design?

The cogs and wheels in his mind just turn differently. He’s an illustrator, so he sees things from an artistic point of view. He may have invented the term “illustography,” the process he uses to mix illustration, photography and multiple media. To Bryan, colors have numbers and letters have value (cogs and wheels again). And he’s been doing logos since he started the “Three Stooges Club” in second grade. As a professional designer, Bryan has won a ton of awards and has had more than 40 of his logos published in the LogoLounge book series. Most recently, he picked up three Graphex 45 awards for hospital logos for a rehab center, lung program and cardio academy. “I love simplifying the personality of something (person, company, idea, etc.) and putting it in a perfect, little visual package,” he said. Most of all, he’s a great teacher. He put together this slide presentation to show others how to use the process that has made him AcrobatAnt’s official logo guru.

Designing Award-winning Logos from AcrobatAnt
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