Why You Should Consider Adding Digital Advertising to Your Healthcare Marketing Mix


As women’s media consumption habits evolve from traditional channels to digital ones, healthcare marketers must start incorporating digital strategies into their marketing efforts.

Digital advertising is still not included in many healthcare campaigns. It’s incredible, I know, because our target is online 24/7. The reason digital is such an important advertising space for healthcare marketers is because women, ages 25-49, are a key consumer segment for healthcare organizations because 80-90 percent of healthcare decisions being made or influenced by them.

Women are more engaged online than men are. For many women, all research starts online.  They are information gatherers and, therefore, they are the ones who go online first to find it. They don’t seem to buy anything without gathering information. For marketers, this means having your healthcare brand presence and brand content online is crucial. Keeping your website up-to-date and informative is a must and having a presence on social media is important.

A recent infographic by The Search Engine Journal demonstrates how digital marketing is continuing to outperform traditional advertising. The report also notes that the same audience that can be reached with Super Bowl television ads can be reached with digital marketing for 25 percent of the cost. In another report from eMarketer, it is revealed that marketers are spending more on online advertising than ads for print magazines and newspapers for the first time in history.

One avenue to consider is online video ads. Data consistently shows that women are increasingly harder to reach through broadcast TV and that they are spending more time streaming content. In Google’s Generation V Survey:

  • 64 percent of women ages 25-49 say that YouTube is the most comprehensive source of online video
  • Half of women ages 25-49 shared an online video in the last week
  • More than a quarter of women ages 25-49 regularly share and receive videos with their networks
  • YouTube is the most shared content on Facebook
  • 40 percent subscribe to specific channels or content creators

If you plan on capturing a woman’s attention with online video ads, make sure they’re no more than 15 seconds long and that they lead her to important information, videos, instructions and other valuable content.

Another platform to consider is YouTube. Their TrueView program presents enormous opportunity for your healthcare brand to engage the female 25-49 audience and leverage their online usage habits. You can click here for the beginner’s guide.

View The Search Engine Journal’s infographic here.

Google’s Generation V Survey can be viewed here.

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