Your brand spring cleaning: out with the obstacles; in with the more-effective.

As the tidying up of your brand continues, the next step is to let go of anything keeping you from moving forward. That can be something as simple as using old collateral like brochures or business cards, even though they don’t feature your newest logo; or refreshing your website/digital presence.

We understand not wanting to waste paid-for pieces, but distributing outdated materials (printed or digital) can be costly—blocking customers from seeing the new vision you have for your business.

Here’s an even better question: How do you know when it’s time for a switch? Take this short quiz:

  1. Are you differentiating yourself from the competition?
  2. Do you look different from the rest?
  3. Are there too many colors in your color palette?
  4. Are you using too many fonts?
  5. Are your employees trained to be ambassadors for your brand?

And finally, watch for Step 5, our last installation, coming soon.


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