David Vavra

EVP, Growth, Finance & Operations
David Vavra
EVP, Growth, Finance & Operations

Of everyone on the management team, David seems to be the one most eager to test the limits of human endurance—not surprising from a former high school cross-country runner. While managing our accounting and IT departments, he is pursuing an MBA at the University of Tulsa and helping to raise three children under five. C’mon, dude, you’re making us all look bad.


Areas of Specialty
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Certified Agency Financial Manager (Second Wind)
fun facts
What animal is your kindred spirit, and why?

Falcon. You can fly and still eat meat.

What ONE thing would you change about yourself, if you could?

Maybe overthinking. I’ll need to think about it.

You can go on a road trip across the U.S. with any historical figure. Who is it?


Sleep is no longer necessary. What do you do with your extra time?

Become Batman.