Our Agency Culture

Working at an ad agency—to be in this industry in the first place—takes a special kind of personality. We’ve found that we’re far more productive when we make time to be ourselves.

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Two girls smiling in an office with peace signs
Smiling group posing at a state fair.
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A group of people playing cornhole in the Aletheia office.
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Angela and two other women standing together and smiling at an awards event.
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AcrobatAnt Management Team 2022
A group of women standing together and smiling in an office.
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Woman makes a valentines day card.
Angela Harless Kylie Cook, two smiling women
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Kyle, Madison, Chelsea and Steve sitting at a table during an office event.
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Group of people smiling around a table of pizza boxes.
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Angela and folks from Aletheia goofing off in a photo booth with silly props and masks.
Angela and Richard smiling at the Aletheia office.
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Two men playing a game at a park.
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Richard, Angela and Kylie standing together and smiling in a kitchen.
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A group of people including Angela, Chris and Steve smiling in a car.
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Philip, Angela, Bryan and Madison smiling together at a Mazzio's event.
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Two people toasting alcholic beverages during happy hour.
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Woman holds up valentines day card.
Group of professionals posing in suits with balloons in foreground.
Array of valentines day cards.
Three men smiling together at table with food trays.
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The women of AcrobatAnt smiling at an office party.
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Man posing in front of sports team shirt selection.
A party at the AcrobatAnt office
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Photographer squatting while taking a photo of a business man.
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Man with foot on his desk, man, foot, desk
A group of people standing in a formal event ballroom around a table, celebrating and smiling together.
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acrobat ant bake sale
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AcrobatAnt crew sitting around a table and hanging out at a bowling alley. Sam is pointing a camera at the photographer.
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Man in mask making a thumbs up sign with hand next to a pile of dollar bills on a desk.
Two people holding arms together in the shape of a heart with balloons in foreground.
Kylie, Angela and Chelsea smiling at an event reception.
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