It’s Award Season for AcrobatAnt, Too

The Aster Awards, one of the largest, most respected national competitions of its kind, has recognized AcrobatAnt for outstanding work on behalf of some of our healthcare clients.

The 2018 Aster Awards received thousands of entries from the U.S. and other countries. All entries were reviewed by a panel of industry experts and scored on multiple criteria, with a possible top score of 100 percent. Participants’ entries compete against similar-sized organizations in their specific groups and categories. Judging criteria included creativity, layout and design, functionality, message effectiveness, production quality and overall appeal.

AcrobatAnt is thankful to be chosen by the Aster Awards for:

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center (Coffeyville, KS)
Award: Silver – Score of 90% to 94% (top 12% in the nation)
Category: Website
Entry: Coffeyville Regional Website 


CommunityCare (Tulsa, OK)
Award: Bronze – Score of 85% to 89% (top 16% in the nation)
Category: Logo Design/Letterhead
Entry: CommunityCare Logo

Mountain States Health Alliance (Johnson City, TN)
Award: Gold – Score of 95% to 99% (top 5% in the nation)
Category: Professional Recruitment
Entry: Nurse Recruiting Booklet

Saint Francis Health System (Tulsa, OK)
Award: Bronze – Score of 85% to 89% (top 16% in the nation)
Category: Photo/Illustration – Single
Entry: Custom Illustration of Hospital Features in Shape of Logo Icon

Saint Francis Health System (Tulsa, OK)
Award: Gold – Score of 95% to 99% (top 5% in the nation)
Category: Newsletter/Internal – Series
Entry: Rounds Physician Newsletter

Saint Francis Health System (Tulsa, OK)
Award: Gold – Score of 95% to 99% (top 5% in the nation)
Category: Outdoor Transit – Single
Entry: “Be FAST” Stroke Transit Bus Design







All winners are currently posted on the Aster Awards website as well as published in Marketing Healthcare Today, a national healthcare marketing magazine.

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Using Mad Libs for Better Product Positioning

One consistent challenge for many companies is that the people who develop a new product, service or brand lose often sight of WHY it was created.

Before developing marketing strategy and messaging, it is crucial to understand the benefit that the product is providing for a specific audience, and how your organization delivers this benefit uniquely, a.k.a. the value proposition.

Even if your organization’s leadership agrees on mission, vision and values, it is possible that you will find a wide spectrum of opinions when you begin to discuss the value proposition. In your next leadership meeting, identify a product or service and have each stakeholder complete this simple Mad Lib. After each person completes their own value proposition, discuss the points that align and those that conflict. This will help determine the attributes that differentiate your organization and create value for customers.


My company, _______(company name)____________

is developing (or offers) ____(a defined offering)____

for ________(target customer)___________________

that will _______(ultimate benefit)________________


1) (proof point)________________________________

2) (proof point)________________________________

3) (proof point)________________________________


My company, McDonald’s

offers low-cost fast food

for families

that will provide consistent, low-cost fast food

because they

  • have modern technology and advanced equipment which allows one employee to do the work of many
  • develop new menu options to provide food that meets the demands of a variety of family members
  • maintain focus on family target demographic by offering playgrounds, happy meals and other items tailored specifically to families
  • focus on business operations and efficiency to consistently set standards and exceed expectations for customers and operators


Tips for Each Section

The offering:

  • Be specific
  • Avoid buzzwords
  • Say what it is—don’t embellish

Target customer:

  • Identify demographics. Try to be more specific than your initial gut response—instead of just female, perhaps married females is more accurate. Or, married females who work outside the home. The more specific, the better.
  • Clarify the buyer. Who is the specific decision-maker? CEO? Purchasing manager? Interior designer? This is especially important for business-to-business organizations.

Ultimate benefit:

  • Make sure the audience can relate to and understand the problem.

Proof points:

  • Your secret sauce—what makes your solution better than others?

Remember, for the best discussion, have each person create their own version independently, then compare and discuss. Your marketing team and/or ad agency will thank you, and your stakeholders will thank you because of improved ROI due to streamlined creative development and hyper-targeted media spend.


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Bridging Worlds: The Future Role of the Healthcare Strategist. Second Edition. Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development. © 2017-2018

March 13 – Google Partners Connect Event Recap

AcrobatAnt had a great turnout for our first time hosting the Google Partners Connect livestream event at our office. For those who couldn’t attend, here are a few takeaways to improve your video marketing through Google and YouTube:

  • Two new targeting options are available for video advertising: life events and consumer patterns.
  • Using TrueView for Action ads for direct response considerably increases campaign performance for CTA-based campaign efforts.
  • Create your Google video campaigns in a separate account than your search and display campaigns. If campaigns are with the same account, due to last click attribution, your conversions could be attributed to an AdWords campaign even if the user first saw and searched based on a YouTube placement. Keeping the campaigns in separate accounts allows for more insight regarding conversions and ad types seen throughout the conversion funnel.
  • Using custom intent audience is a great way to target users who are showing indicators that they intend to buy soon. Google rolled custom intent audiences out for the display network last year and it is coming soon to YouTube video placements.
  • If you want machine learning to help optimize your campaign, you will need sufficient volume and budget for it to learn and optimize. For example, Google provides an automated option for custom intent audiences where Google will create an audience based on the campaign and infer characteristics of target consumers to help you reach your goals. Start bidding with your current tCPA (target cost-per-acquisition) bid and overtime, and with machine-learning providing assistance, you can decrease your tCPA bid while increasing conversions.

Want to read more about new video marketing offerings from Google? Marketing Land has a great article with additional information. Or, contact your AcrobatAnt representative and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Want to see all of the information presented? Watch the recorded video from the livestream.

Interested in attending the next Google Partners Connect livestream event at our office? Sign-up for our monthly newsletter and always be first on the invite list.

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The Great Escape

Escape Room Winning Team
The winning team (pictured left to right): Jillian Mabra, Dana Jacobs, David Downing, Donna Keffer, Angela Harless and Anna Montoto.

Escape artists. Challenged to a room with only a 30 percent chance of escape, the winning team managed to free itself with 17 minutes to spare. And they haven’t let anyone forget it.

How do the Ants deal with the relentless pressure of keeping clients content? By spending an afternoon ferociously competing against each other for bragging rights, of course. In early March, the Ants invaded The Escape Tulsa for an exciting team-building event. If you’ve never experienced the escape-room phenomenon, the premise is simple: each team gets one hour to solve a unique mystery, leading to a code that will unlock the door to freedom. But that’s where the simplicity ends, because the mysteries are seriously complex and require real teamwork to solve. It’s nerve-wracking, nail-biting, pressure-packed fun, and we recommend it highly.
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Jennie Stuart Health Rebrand

One of our newest clients, Jennie Stuart Health, has been serving the people of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and the surrounding region for more than a century. Our first assignment was to create a new branding ad campaign to convey the organization’s long history of healthcare excellence. This new look carried over into collateral, homepage banners, digital advertising and more.

Why choose an agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Because the new Jennie Stuart Health marketing director is a former client who understands the value we bring to healthcare marketing—proving that experience really does make a difference.

Jennie Stuart Health OBGYN Print

Jennie Stuart Health Collateral Rebrand

Jennie Stuart Rebrand Brochure

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Wintrust Arena Tattoo Ad

Our new client, Chicago’s Wintrust Arena, gave us this challenge: Create a jaw-dropping, out-of-the-box ad to announce the opening of its brand new, state-of-the-art, 10,000-seat multipurpose facility. The client had a basic suggestion—an edgy, tattoo-themed look—but wasn’t sure how to execute it.

Wintrust Arena Tattoo Ad

We figured out a way that not only made the client ecstatic but also resulted in high praise from a Billboard magazine representative. Another result: More out-of-the-box Wintrust Arena work for us, including prominent displays at bus and subway stops around Chicago.

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Get More Insight Out of Google Analytics Acquisition Reports

Google Analytics is a great way to understand your website traffic, usage and behavior. But, you may be not utilizing Analytics to its full potential. Here are some tips to start using today—no advanced analytics training required—thanks to your favorite Certified Google Partner, AcrobatAnt.

Acquisition Reports > Source/Medium

Most analytics users are familiar with the source/medium acquisition report. This is a great way to easily see which website or marketing tactics drove the most users to your website. Even if you see which sources/mediums drove the most users, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this tactic drove the best traffic. Traffic should be high quality, meaning that users who visit your website engage with the content or complete an action. One good indicator of quality is the bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Keep in mind, if your website is only a single page, you will want to skip bounce rate analysis and focus on other quality indicators, like “time on site.”

To easily compare bounce rate while viewing source/medium data, click on the comparison tool comparison tool pointer

Then, select the metric “bounce rate” in the search field to the left of the icons.

analytics source/medium dropdown menu view

This will compare bounce rate for each source/medium combination to the site average. In the example below, we see that the YouTube traffic is bouncing at a much higher rate than the site average.

comparison tool analytics

Campaign-specific URLs

To get the most out of reporting, help Google categorize your traffic and provide yourself additional campaign reporting metrics by creating custom campaign URLs. Google Analytics automatically captures key attributes from your links: source, medium and campaign. By telling Google this information, it ensures accurate reporting for each link click. And, it will help you see performance variations between campaigns or even creative versions within campaigns.

Medium: The mechanism that delivered users to your site. Some examples of mediums include organic (unpaid search), cpc (cost-per-click), referral and email.

Source: This provides more information about the medium. For example, if the medium is referral, the source will be the URL that referred the traffic. If the source is organic, the source will be the search engine.

Campaign: Campaign (and campaign content fields) in the custom URL are a great way to facilitate campaign-specific reporting in Analytics. Campaign may be “spring_sale” or another indicator of the campaign running. The campaign content portion of the URL allows for identification of various creative versions, messages, etc.

Get started using campaign URLs today by using Google’s free campaign URL builder. Note: Analytics is case sensitive, so we suggest using all lowercase text to avoid multiple lines of reporting due to capitalization variations. Once your URL is generated, use it as the destination URL in Facebook campaigns, email CTAs, AdWords campaigns and any other digital tactics where you can control the link for user click-through.

If your business needs help ensuring your website is correctly setup with Google Analytics or for a third-party review of your analytics account to identify patterns or opportunities to improve website performance, contact us today.

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A Few of Our Favorite Things

For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some things that we love—from health and beauty items to entertainment, we hope you’ll find something new to try and love this February.

While we all had our favorite items, topping the favorites list are talking with mom, working on the ranch, being able to take notes on our phones, pit bulls and spending time with our families. And, don’t forget Oklahoma State football and the OKC Thunder.


For the Home

For the Office

Health and Beauty


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Kanban to the Rescue

Use Trello to organize anything and everything.

Trello is a simple but powerful visual tool for organizing, managing, and tracking team or individual tasks. At AcrobatAnt, our favorite setup for using Trello is known as a Kanban board. Originally developed at Toyota to improve manufacturing efficiency, Kanban boards are commonly used today in agile software development.

Kanban boards are made up of lists of cards. Each individual task is assigned to a card and then pulled from left to right between lists as work progresses from an outstanding task to completed item. The simplest Kanban boards we’ve seen include lists for To DoDoing and Done. Most of the time, we’ve found it helpful to also add lists for HoldReady and Test.

Lists within a standard AcrobatAnt Trello board (from left to right):

  1. To Do: The initial bucket of things to do. This is the backlog of all of the outstanding issues in the project. New issues are added here.
  2. Hold: Something is blocking this task from being pulled through the system. Another task needs to be completed first, a stakeholder needs to weigh in, etc.
  3. Ready: This card is ready. Nothing stands in the way of work being started!
  4. Doing: Work is underway! The task is actively being worked on.
  5. Test: The initial work for the task is finished, but it still needs to be checked for quality and completeness. In software development, this is where quality assurance happens; for copy, this is where the text should be proofed. When issues are found, the card should be moved back to a previous step in the process for additional revisions/work.
  6. Done: This is for when a task on a card is done. The task has been completed and tested to ensure that it is truly complete.

Here is an example board using household chores as the tasks that need to be completed.

Kanban is different from other project management strategies because there is no set period of time in which a project phase must be completed. Instead, Kanban uses the continuous delivery of updates to create constantly progressing products and projects. This can be difficult to reconcile with a hard deadline for the initial launch of a project. At AcrobatAnt, we use additional tools for task management and time-tracking in conjunction with our Trello boards so that Kanban becomes a process within our larger project management strategy.

In the end, using a Trello Kanban board is a great way to organize, manage and visually display the state of a complex project, like launching a new website, at any given moment.

If you would like to learn more about Kanban, Trello or agile project management, contact Ryan at 918-949-3109 or [email protected].

The following articles are also great resources to learn more about Kanban and/or Trello:

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Ant Q&A: David Downing

David Downing
Owner, Account Service Director

How would you describe your job?
I’m one of the “guys in a suit” (when we used to wear suits) who provides good, sound communications counsel to clients and manages the client relationship. Then I make sure everything gets completed on time and on budget. It needs an even-brained person—just enough right-side to know and appreciate excellent creative work and plenty of left side for planning, strategy, research, etc. The in-between is kinda like herding cats.

You’ve been in this business for a long time. What keeps you so enthused about coming to work every day?
Yeah, I’ve been at it nearly 40 years because I truly love this crazy business. I love seeing brands built. I love seeing successes happen for our clients. I love mentoring the young account people coming up in the business. I love watching the technology evolve. Plus, I’m having too much fun to retire.

What projects/activities do you pursue outside of agency work?
I serve on the board of a non-profit called The Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children, a.k.a. MainSprings. This organization is dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty in Tanzania. I spend a good deal of weekend time at the family ranch in northeastern Oklahoma, where I (attempt to) manage the land for the deer and wild turkey populations. Plus, there’s always a project to be done on 330+ acres. My wife and I have been decades-long season ticket holders/supporters of Tulsa Ballet Theater, and also regularly attend performances of the Tulsa Philharmonic and Tulsa Opera. You’ll also see me at concerts of those classic rock bands of the ‘70s when they come through town (Eagles, Billy Joel, Rush, Moody Blues, Paul McCartney, to name a few) and in Stillwater on game day, because we’re OSU season ticket holders. We also travel abroad pretty regularly with our four grown kids.

Give us six fun facts about David Downing:

  1. My high school football team won back-to-back big-school state championships in 1974 and 1975.
  2. I was a walk-on college football player at Oklahoma State University. I also threw javelin for the track team.
  3. I play drums, sorta.
  4. I successfully spearheaded an initiative to create a statewide high school for the visual and performing arts.
  5. I’m obsessed with my Downing genealogy and am currently tracing it back as far as possible.
  6. I’m equally comfortable sitting in a tree stand in the woods or in the audience at the ballet.


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