Celebrating Recent Wins

At the beginning of this year, the team at AcrobatAnt took home three awards for our creative work in 2021. We’re always marching forward on new projects, but we wanted to take a moment to pull back the curtain on last year’s output and celebrate each award.

Who Recognized AcrobatAnt?

Both the Healthcare Digital Marketing Awards (HDM) and the Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIA) recognized AcrobatAnt in 2021 for creative excellence in 2021. We earned certificates in multiple categories, including Social Media and Self-Promotion. Let’s break down each prize.

Bronze Award – Social Media Content
Campaign Video Portrait Ad Series for Spine & Orthopedic Specialists

This project stands out for its heart and humanity. We gathered testimonials from patients of Spine & Orthopedic Specialists and created a series of ads to feature their successful procedures. From the cooling blue tones of the videos to the simple, honest stories, we knew this content would be a hit.

Silver Award – Advertising Industry Self-Promotion
Healthcare Book & Social Series for AcrobatAnt

Effective healthcare marketing can be challenging. To help, we created a guide that explores patient experience, emotional connection, and brand perception in healthcare marketing. This ebook, offered free of charge to any healthcare entity or marketing organization, breaks through the clutter to offer genuine solutions. Click here to read our ebook.

Gold Award – Direct Mail
Branded Bubble-Wrap Mailer for AcrobatAnt

While relocating offices in Tulsa, we found ourselves with a surprising (and unnecessary) amount of bubble wrap. Instead of throwing it away, we repurposed it to create branded bubble mailers. It’s always exciting to bring AcrobatAnt’s visual identity into the physical world. The bubble-wrap mailers gave us something to touch, feel, and share with others.

Our team is honored to accept these awards. Follow along as we scout new opportunities and find creatively simple solutions that work.