Crafting a winning healthcare marketing story. 

An AcrobatAnt client of more than 15 years, Salina Regional Health Center is a 393-bed hospital that, through affiliations with physicians’ clinics and medical facilities, provides a wide range of excellent medical care. As a healthcare marketing agency, AcrobatAnt has helped Salina Regional change local perceptions, instilling trust and confidence in its medical services among the local community. 

This year, we developed two new campaigns for the health system, focusing on sports medicine and orthopedic services.

Sports Medicine

Salina Regional Sports Medicine serves as the sports medicine provider to the region’s high schools and colleges, providing comprehensive care and education to prevent sports injuries, increase performance, and care for damaged joints through surgery and/or rehabilitation. 

With a younger demographic as our target, we took to the drawing board to develop captivating healthcare marketing solutions to make an impact on this audience. A creative concept emerged that was similar to what you might expect from an UnderArmour®️ or NIKE commercial—cinematic, with epic scenes and a powerful voiceover. We crafted a script positioning Salina Regional as innovative and credible, offering care options not found anywhere else in the area. It was written to sound like the audience is listening to the thoughts of the athletes being shown on screen. The storyboard scenes reflected parallels of on-field performance with how physicians work with athletes off the field, seamlessly transitioning from one shot to the next—keeping the energy high throughout.

The media campaign featured strong social media and streaming components targeting sports and fitness interests, along with linear and cable TV for general awareness. 


Salina Regional Orthopedic Clinic is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary orthopedic team providing emergency care and diagnosis through treatment and rehab. Every aspect of patients’ care is performed locally, close to home.

In contrast to the fast-paced sports medicine concept, the orthopedics campaign is more inspirational, with a slower music track and on-camera interviews with the medical providers—showing the wide range of care offered to patients of all ages. 

The media campaign featured more traditional placements with local print and terrestrial radio, with layers of social media, streaming radio, and CTV. 

The Production

Our team, along with Retrospec Films, headed to Salina, Kansas, to start shooting. “We often partner with Retrospec Films on large-scale productions such as this,” said Bryan Cooper, AcrobatAnt creative director. “And they’ve never let us down.”

Over two days, our combined teams filmed numerous scenes with the Salina Regional physicians and actual patients. “It was such a fun experience watching each scene come to life,” said Cooper. “The whole team was thrilled with the finished spots and so excited to share with the client.” 

“Wow, [AcrobatAnt did] a great job,” exclaimed Beth Vinson, director of marketing at Salina Regional, of the final spots. “I love it.”

Upon approval of both TV spots, our team crafted print, audio, and social media creative to fulfill the media plan.

“We love it when a campaign comes together so well,” Cooper concluded.

Indeed, we do. If you’re looking for a healthcare ad agency to take your healthcare marketing to the next level, contact Angela Harless at [email protected] or 918-938-7912.

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If you’re looking for a healthcare ad agency to take your healthcare marketing to the next level, contact Angela Harless at [email protected] or 918-938-7912.