March 13 – Google Partners Connect Event Recap

AcrobatAnt had a great turnout for our first time hosting the Google Partners Connect livestream event at our office. For those who couldn’t attend, here are a few takeaways to improve your video marketing through Google and YouTube:

  • Two new targeting options are available for video advertising: life events and consumer patterns.
  • Using TrueView for Action ads for direct response considerably increases campaign performance for CTA-based campaign efforts.
  • Create your Google video campaigns in a separate account than your search and display campaigns. If campaigns are with the same account, due to last click attribution, your conversions could be attributed to an AdWords campaign even if the user first saw and searched based on a YouTube placement. Keeping the campaigns in separate accounts allows for more insight regarding conversions and ad types seen throughout the conversion funnel.
  • Using custom intent audience is a great way to target users who are showing indicators that they intend to buy soon. Google rolled custom intent audiences out for the display network last year and it is coming soon to YouTube video placements.
  • If you want machine learning to help optimize your campaign, you will need sufficient volume and budget for it to learn and optimize. For example, Google provides an automated option for custom intent audiences where Google will create an audience based on the campaign and infer characteristics of target consumers to help you reach your goals. Start bidding with your current tCPA (target cost-per-acquisition) bid and overtime, and with machine-learning providing assistance, you can decrease your tCPA bid while increasing conversions.

Want to read more about new video marketing offerings from Google? Marketing Land has a great article with additional information. Or, contact your AcrobatAnt representative and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Want to see all of the information presented? Watch the recorded video from the livestream.

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