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A Plan for Prioritizing Physician Marketing Dollars

  When it comes to marketing your employed physicians and practices, having an established plan for budget allocation can help set expectations upfront.  It is a rarity in healthcare marketing when we feel we have ample budget and resources allocated to achieve our marketing and communication goals. The reality for most of us is very tight budgets, limited resources and high expectations. One of the biggest challenges we face is combing through the various needs and prioritizing marketing efforts based on available marketing dollars. This is a daunting task once you start thinking about all of the areas that have... Read More

Doctor Who

Using Positioning in Physician Marketing

  Identify with your healthcare audience when marketing new physicians by giving them relevant information and a reason to connect.  Due to the looming shortage in physicians and efforts by healthcare organizations to stay competitive, physician recruitment is on the rise. You may forget – in your attempt to build physician volume – that marketing a new physician is an introduction of that person to your market. Too many times healthcare organizations focus on presenting the nuts and bolts from his CV and forget that we are actually trying to humanize this person to our healthcare audience. We must remember that people... Read More

Five Healthcare Marketing Tips for Positioning Your Physician as an Expert

Patients are often concerned, scared or confused when it comes to making healthcare decisions for themselves or their loved ones. They depend on their physician to present them with the facts and options for treatment as well as make recommendations for treatment or prevention of health issues. Too often, physicians put the ball back in the consumer’s court – “What would you like to do?” – without providing a recommendation based on their experience and knowledge. This undermines the physician as an expert and doesn’t reassure the patient that they are in good hands. So, how can you position your... Read More