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Who is this Bryan Cooper and how does he know so much about logo design?

The cogs and wheels in his mind just turn differently. He’s an illustrator, so he sees things from an artistic point of view. He may have invented the term “illustography,” the process he uses to mix illustration, photography and multiple media. To Bryan, colors have numbers and letters have value (cogs and wheels again). And he’s been doing logos since he started the “Three Stooges Club” in second grade. As a professional designer, Bryan has won a ton of awards and has had more than 40 of his logos published in the LogoLounge book series. Most recently, he picked up... Read More

Ever since thinking outside-the-box became so inside-the-box, we just did away with the box and got an oval.

  Who’d ever guess that one of the Top 5 Pollstar entertainment venues on the planet is right here in Tulsa? The BOK Center. Prior to the food venues, we have worked with the BOK Center to create some outstanding ads for trade publications, but this new project took our partnership to new heights. Our project was to take their existing concession stands and transform them into irresistible food havens for arena visitors. Thankfully, we have some amazing wordsmiths and designers that bring fresh ideas to life. This resulted in Graphex 45 award-winning concession stands with fantastic food. And also... Read More

What’s holding back your brand? Use spring cleaning to make it more efficient.

  Maybe the better question is, “What’s keeping your brand from being more productive?” Oh, now we have your attention! Think about it: Are you still using some processes, ideas and standards that are obsolete or getting in the way of your making progress? Consider these suggestions for updating your approach: Email instead of snail mail? Text instead of email? Text to confirm an appointment rather than call Determine three ways to eliminate paper and go digital Use an iPad to visually present your ideas when pitching business Make sure your website is compatible for mobile devices Offer forms online... Read More

Your brand spring cleaning: out with the obstacles; in with the more-effective.

As the tidying up of your brand continues, the next step is to let go of anything keeping you from moving forward. That can be something as simple as using old collateral like brochures or business cards, even though they don’t feature your newest logo; or refreshing your website/digital presence. We understand not wanting to waste paid-for pieces, but distributing outdated materials (printed or digital) can be costly—blocking customers from seeing the new vision you have for your business. Here’s an even better question: How do you know when it’s time for a switch? Take this short quiz: Are you differentiating yourself... Read More

Clean up your act this spring: Create a brand standard document.

  You may have one idea of how your brand should look. The person working next to you may have another. And the individual on the other side of you may see the brand completely differently. Creating a brand standard document does two things: Spells out to your internal audience the Dos and Don’ts of representing your brand Makes sure your external audience sees and hears a consistent message from your company When developing a brand standard guide, be sure to include: Approved fonts Approved PMS and hex colors Online guidelines for translating the brand into the digital space Logo... Read More

Spring cleaning is a great time to declutter your asset library.

  You know how “stuff” piles up? Stacks up? Collects? Before you know it, you’ve amassed more things than you need and can’t find the ones you do. This happens at home and with your brand, too. Now is the ideal time to go through all that clutter to figure out what needs to stay, what needs refinement and what can be tossed. Ask yourself, do I need this/these: Photos Artwork Infographics Mission statement Who we are copy Elevator pitch Talking points Promotional materials Customer service practices Policies Presentations These items (and more) make up your asset library. It’s important... Read More

Is your brand clean this spring?

  Any huge project can be overwhelming—whether it refers to your house or your brand. But when you break down the process into simple steps, progress is easier to make. In this first of five posts, AcrobatAnt can help you spruce up your brand image. First, you need to define your brand’s goals and objectives. Goals are your general, big-picture intentions; objectives are the results that come from achieving those goals. For instance, if your goal is to grow your business, your objectives will define the specific categories, demographics and percentages for that growth. Ask yourself these five questions about... Read More

Ants team up with BOK Center on tasty concession designs.

Of course, Ants are naturally attracted to anything food-related. So when our client, Sarah Haertl asked if we’d design new graphics for BOK Center’s concession areas, we jumped right in. Each area received its own theme and graphic identity. It was a big job that required managing several vendors. “In scope, this project could easily have become overwhelming,” said Sarah. “Our team at AcrobatAnt seamlessly coordinated the design, production and installation of the remodeled concession stands in the facility. We were in constant communication throughout the process, so we were up to date on the status at all times.” As... Read More

What does your message say about your brand?

  One of the most important aspects of branding is deciding on what a brand should communicate to the target market, that is, what message is your brand trying to get across to your customer? This aspect is sometimes overlooked by marketers and can lead to some mistakes that could have been avoided. One common mistake that is made is an over reliance on buzzwords. Buzzwords can be useful, but relying on them solely to describe your brand or what you do can leave for your brand back in the pack; not leading it. Read about four other common mistakes... Read More

What does it take to build a brand?

A short discussion about brand architecture. A brand isn’t a name. It isn’t a logo. It isn’t a creative style. It’s not a tagline. Then, what is it? A brand is the meaning of what resides in the mind of the target audiences…the perception that comes from a complex set of images, emotions, thoughts, history, experiences and expectations. As brand stewards, we try to own that little piece of the audience’s mind, so we can conjure up the brand’s desired perception with the right stimuli. So, building a brand is a contest of perceptions. At AcrobatAnt, we build from the... Read More