Mazzio’s asks, “Who will reign supreme?”

As the blockbuster show Game of Thrones was approaching its final season, Mazzio’s came to us wanting to capitalize on all of the buzz and hype among the legions of Game of Thrones viewers and associate the Mazzio’s brand with the Game of Thrones franchise. Our strategy was a combination of six-weeks of giveaways on Facebook and Instagram—to coincide with the six episodes of the final season—and outdoor boards to drive traffic to tease the giveaways and drive viewers to the Mazzio’s social media accounts.

At the beginning of each week, we deployed a new post that associated Mazzio’s products with Game of Thrones characters, phrases, themes, etc., and promised a Mazzio’s gift card to one lucky winner. Because engagement was the goal, in each post, we asked Mazzio’s and Game of Thrones fans to like and follow our page, like the post and tag two friends they would be watching the show with in the comments. To further engagement and potentially increase followers, each post was sponsored to reach a bigger audience than it would have organically.

Compared to the six-week period prior to the launch of the campaign, Mazzio’s Facebook posts saw a 64.1% increase in engagement, a 35.4% increase in impressions and an increase of 549-page likes. Mazzio’s Instagram posts saw a 479% increase in engagement, a 104.2% increase in engagement and an increase of 85 followers.

See the posts here: Facebook and Instagram.

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