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It’s all about the user experience.

If your users aren’t engaged and keep having to fight with your website design, it’s time for an update. Over at Extension Engine, they’ve identified seven Web design trends for 2014 that put the user first. From throwing out the old (skeuomorphism) to ringing in the new (parallax scrolling), we’re proud to say that we’re ahead of the curve. For example, parallax scrolling allows large amounts of information to be displayed on one page while still looking fresh and being easy to read. Not sure what that means? Check out our healthcare microsite for an example: Other tips include... Read More

Getting the response you want.

Keeping your website up to date will keep people coming back day after day, but how responsive is your site? By using responsive design on your website, you can ensure that no matter what size screen your site is being viewed on, people will be able to see all of your content. Responsive design is an important element to consider when deciding on how your website will look, feel and function. Forget designing mobile specific websites. Just implement a responsive design so you can have one cohesive site that everyone will recognize. Having one dedicated site that is designed responsively... Read More

Are you managing your Internet presence?

Let’s define Internet Presence Management: IPM is the process of controlling your Web-based channels to increase your online presence and overall Internet efficiency. Companies or organizations trying to connect with target audiences online use IPM to reduce the costs of customer acquisition and customer service. But what if you’re an owner who struggles to keep the business running from month to month? Where do you find time for IPM? Answer: You make the time. Or look for outside help. If you’re uncomfortable with terms such as websites, micro sites, landing pages, Google Adwords marketing, SEO, SEM, email, e-newsletters, Facebook pages,... Read More

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Acrobatic… Ants

All of us here at AcrobatAnt like to think we have a little ‘Acrobat’ in us. Compare us to these acrobat skills and traits and see for yourself. Flexibility – Acrobats can put their feet behind their heads – so what?! We can ramp up a new project or halt one in a moment’s notice.  We can meet on the client’s terms – in person, online, via email or phone. Each client manager prides themselves on managing projects in a way that each unique client would expect. Grip – Acrobats seem to have pretty good ‘grip’ – they can grab... Read More

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Quick Site Review

What can you do to improve your site performance, design and usability? While that requires a fairly client-specific answer – there are a few things you can start with to make sure your site is headed in the right direction. This is just a sampling of the 125+ items we look at during our full site diagnostic evaluation. Is the site organized based on user’s tasks (not the company’s internal organization)? Does the site convey the company’s brand throughout the site (not just the homepage)? Are page titles, meta tags and descriptions updated and accurate for optimized search performance? Is... Read More

Failure to communicate?

Corporations previously dished out advertising and products and customers were expected to passively receive the messages and then love the products. However, times have changed. Customers no longer want to passively sit on their couch and be told what to do. Customers realize they have a voice and they want to use it. So, companies do market research and crunch some numbers. And, ah-ha, they realize that customer’s do not want black model-Ts anymore. Companies think they understand their customers; they begin to offer brown and blue Model-Ts. They do their best to appeal to their ‘secondary market.’ Some companies... Read More