Ant Q&A: Angela Harless

Angela Harless

You wear a lot of hats around here. What are a few of your favorite responsibilities, and why?
In addition to managing my own clients, I love supporting our account team with their clients and being able to share new ideas, experience and research that I think would be relevant to support their clients’ business goals. I like being able to be part of a team that welcomes new ideas—from me and from other team members. Sometimes being outside of the day-to-day cycle of client work allows fresh perspective and ideas, so being able to research new trends and bring new ideas to the table is a lot of fun.

What inspires you?
People who don’t give up, who are driven to learn, grow and do their best every day. I feel inspired when I see people taking initiative to grow, learn and move outside of their comfort zone. I see this every day as team members come up with new ideas and push themselves to do new things. I admire not just the persistence but the resilience of people who encounter setbacks, personal or professional, learn from their experiences and continue to drive forward toward their goals.

What activities do you pursue outside of the agency?
Each morning, I attend Burn boot camp class before work. I know that the only way I’ll get my exercise in is to do it early. Besides my early morning commitment, I enjoy going for walks with my husband, yoga and hanging out with my daughter. I love our (typically) relaxed weekends and hanging out at the lake or by a pool in the summer.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the advertising world?
It’s hard to say since this world has been my life, but I would probably be in healthcare or at a non-profit. Being able to help and support those in need and to make an impact in people’s lives every day would be awesome.

The rumor is that you’re a little frugal. Is this fair to say?
Thanks for not saying “cheap.” Yes, I pack my own snacks on trips (and even pack snacks for coworkers, if they want one). I definitely don’t like paying full price, either—always looking for a sale. I think my frugalness also makes me a better leader at AcrobatAnt and a good steward of our clients’ budgets.

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