Ant Q&A: Dwayne Butler

How has previous career and/or academic experience prepared you for your work here?

The influence of my three older brothers being involved in the art world gave me an appreciation of what it takes to have a career in this business. I followed in my brother Dean’s footsteps and went to OSUIT in Okmulgee, attending at the same time as [AcrobatAnt Creative Director] Bryan Cooper, whom I’m lucky to work with now. After college, I got a great job right out of the gate—in the QuikTrip marketing department. Within a couple years I had journeyed into the advertising world, where I remain to this day.

How would you describe your job?

My job has always been interesting. As a designer, you accumulate a little information about a lot of things to understand each client’s profession. Over the years, this knowledge grows and creates an interesting recipe for designs. Once you learn to translate information into art, you really have something there. 

Why did you get into this wacky business?

Growing up, I discovered some natural drawing abilities ran in the family, and I decided to nurture it. Here I am on this crazy excursion.

Give us a few fun facts about you:

  • I can eat crab legs faster than you can. Maybe. Probably.
  • I won OU-Texas tickets one year by coming in first in a beer-hoisting competition (I held up a full mug of beer the longest.)
  • I won a drawing contest at McDonald’s and won a meal for my family with Ronald McDonald last year. (Just kidding. I was in kindergarten.)

What activities do you pursue outside of the agency?

Getting better at guitar. I picked it up again recently, realizing it’s a hobby that can last me until the end. Besides that, I suppose I’d classify golf and cooking as my hobbies.

What would you be doing if you weren’t in the advertising world?

I probably would have pursued architecture. I think I’m finally not too lazy for the math required. In the event I become financially independent, I’ll become a treasure hunter.