Ants Making the Most of WFH

While we were all initially sad to be away from each other, we’ve all settled into the new norm of working from home. Most Ants agree that establishing a routine and sticking with it is the key to not going stir crazy and taking advantage of being at home.

Dwayne has a routine of making a blueberry-banana smoothie at about 10:30 a.m. and taking the dog for a short walk. After lunch, around 3 p.m. or so, he’ll walk to the QuikTrip that’s less than 1/4 mile away to get some tea or some kind of refreshment.

Angela has enjoyed getting to have lunch with her teenage daughter who is distance learning. On most days, they can both take a break and have lunch together, which is extra quality time that we never had before. And, “with her turning 16 in less than a year—I’ll take all of the quality time I can get right now,” Angela said.

Will has enjoyed the slower pace of working from home and being able to go on walk each day with his wife and baby boy. “When I’d typically be away from home all day, I have gotten to watch my boy learn how to crawl, stand, walk and (kind of) talk. I get to watch him eat new and exciting foods.”

Others have enjoyed getting to office with their furry friends during the day, like Kylie and Jessica.

While a majority of the Ants are isolating at home, a few people are still venturing to the office and staying in their own corners. Even those who are “business as usual” have made some adjustments, like David Downing, with his new quarantine-inspired beard.