Driving Brand Communication Relevance

Restaurant marketers are faced with keeping the brand relevant and driving differentiation. The recommendations made to evolve the brand position and strengthen the point of difference are critical to brand health. As competition in the industry and digital platform options grow, creating authentic messaging and targeting becomes increasingly important. 

No doubt you have considered target audience dynamics beyond “people who eat” (I did have a conversation like this with a client years ago) or by age, with an emphasis on moms, within 3–5-mile radius, etc. At AcrobatAnt, we recommend looking at audiences by values. We work closely with Zenzi by Aletheia, and with over 20 years of data and 500,000 survey respondents, we can identify a consumer’s Value Type to your brand, and audit current messaging, imagery, and media to connect and convert like-minded customers that will increase impact beyond typical demographic targeting. 

With this deeper understanding of your guests, and a data-based approach to better connect with them to your brand purpose, your brand’s point of difference will only strengthen and streamline your marketing efforts, not disrupt them. This will help create content hierarchy, customize storytelling techniques to create emotional connections, and build loyalty. It can also help in the selection of influencers and user-generated content. 

If we can help in this journey, contact Steve McGehee, President, AcrobatAnt.