Facebook eases ad restrictions; social media managers rejoice.

Facebook recently announced changes to a longstanding rule that ads on its site must contain no more than 20% text within the image. This brings a huge sigh of relief from social media managers everywhere.

Facebook’s previous restrictions caused headaches for many advertisers. Even though the company changed its rules two years ago to allow marketers to include more text in their ads, ad reach was restricted depending on how much the limit was exceeded.

With this new update, ads with more than 20% text in the main image will be displayed as normal and reach the same amount of people as any other Facebook ad. The text overlay tool—used to measure whether your image contained no more than 20% text—has disappeared from Facebook’s website.

Bottom line: Facebook still recommends keeping text on images to a minimum, but it will no longer limit your ad’s reach based on the amount include. Gone are the days of creating a graphic, uploading creative, resizing text and re-uploading.

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