In-house digital media: eliminating the middleman and improving insights.

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AcrobatAnt is excited to announce that we have partnered with Centro Basis to offer digital media placements in-house vs. outsourcing to a third-party.

What does that mean for our clients?

  • No middleman, which removes a potential layer of margin/commission, and lowers the overall cost of placements.
  • More control and insight for improved optimizations. Historically, we relied on our third-party partners to optimize campaigns and report weekly updates. Now, we can log in and optimize performance daily—or even hourly—if needed.
  • Access to multiple ad exchanges through one platform. We can deploy and optimize ads across 36 different ad exchanges, including Google, Verizon Media, Triton, Rubicon and more.
  • Targeting abilities beyond basic demographics and geographies such as in-market audiences, lifestyle, purchase behaviors, B2B audiences, job titles and more.
  • The ability to easily RFP specific domains for direct buys. Want to buy 100k impressions exclusively on WebMD related to knee pain articles? We can RFP WebMD through the platform and negotiate a buy specific to your criteria.
  • Contextual targeting across the web of articles and content related to topics relevant to your target audience through multiple exchanges and domains. We also have the ability to target custom audience segments using keywords.
  • Enhanced brand protection—we control where your ads do or don’t show up. Want to avoid your ads being alongside negative news? We can do that.
  • The ability to place CTV and streaming audio content seamlessly with other campaign tactics using the same audience and contextual targeting options as digital display.
  • Build audiences from your own website audience for future targeting with pixel and track conversions with a conversion pixel. Both pixel options provide enhanced measurement and reporting options and improved ROI over the life of the campaign.
  • In addition to programmatic and direct buy capabilities, this platform also allows us to integrate search and social campaigns onto a single dashboard for full campaign monitoring in one place—meaning we can easily notice trends, optimize and shift between tactics, if needed.

Our digital team has spent hours in training for this new platform and we are excited to offer this media option to our clients moving forward. Stay tuned for case studies and more specific examples of how our clients are benefiting from AcrobatAnt’s more robust digital services.

Interested in a proposal to help you reach your digital marketing goals? Contact your account representative or Angela Harless at 918-938-7912.