Inspiring community and supporting sobriety. 

As a creative brand agency, AcrobatAnt is dedicated to giving back to our community by working with nonprofits seeking advertising in Tulsa. 

One such nonprofit is close to our hearts: Sangha, a men’s recovery community in Tulsa, Okla. A network of recovery homes and the only Level 3 Certified Recovery Residence in the region, Sangha is a group of men dedicated to supporting each other on their recovery journeys. In addition to addiction and substance-abuse recovery, Sangha provides gym memberships and financial guidance, and the men of Sangha volunteer at City Lights Foundation’s “Under the Bridge” ministry, serving the unhoused in downtown Tulsa. 

When the group wanted to rebrand a little over a year ago, their search for a brand strategy agency led them to our doorstep. AcrobatAnt created Sangha’s entire brand identity and website. You can check out that project here.

The organization’s annual HEROIC Gala is a celebration of heroes in recovery and a fundraiser to continue doing the great work Sangha does every day. This year, AcrobatAnt redesigned the gala logo and created a video that was played at the program.

We started with the HEROIC logo.

“Our aim was to infuse it with cinematic grandeur,” said Bryan Cooper, AcrobatAnt creative director. “We wanted it to make a powerful impact, so we opted for an ultra-wide, bold font variation inspired by the Sangha logo. To enhance the visual appeal, we converted the background photo to black and white, allowing the vibrant orange hues to truly shine. Then, we diligently carried this winning blend through the entire project to enhance the event.” 

Beyond the logo, AcrobatAnt designed a landing page, save-the-date notice, formal invitation, sponsor letter, event program, and PowerPoint template—from soup to nuts, as some might say. 

For the video, Sangha sought a brief, impactful series of testimonies to share the impact of the program. The community aspect in particular needed to be highlighted—how Sangha guides men to become active residents of Tulsa in any way they can. 

This was one of those projects where the concept flowed naturally out of the interviews we conducted.

“We actually had a simple storyboard that tied the interviews together with scripted responses,” said Sam Cooper, AcrobatAnt social media manager and videographer. “But once I got into the edit, the material just flowed naturally.”

Two Column Layout

To give the video a cinematic look and feel matching the brand identity of the event, Sam cropped the footage and softened the colors. He also used hyperlapse imagery to use as cut points throughout the video. 

“Using testimonials from current and past participants, staff, and board members, we were able to tell a story of hope, perseverance, and community,” said Sam.

We were honored to be a part of this year’s gala, and can’t wait to get started on next year’s. Not only is it a chance to give back to our community, but our team members also had a blast supporting our client at its trademark event. 

An image of the crowd at the heroic gala

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