Native Advertising – Part 1

Despite being one of the largest and fastest growing areas of digital advertising, many marketers are still unsure what exactly native advertising entails, and how and when it may be a good fit for their marketing mix.

So, what is native advertising anyways? It is sponsored content, which is relevant to the consumer experience, not interruptive, and looks and feels similar to its editorial content.1 In short, it is a paid ad that is disguised as original content.

Native Ads Quick Facts2:

  1. Viewers spend nearly the same amount of time reading editorial content and native ads—2 seconds and 1 second, respectively.
  2. 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising.
  3. People view native ads 53% more than banner ads.
  4. Consumers who read native ads that they identified as high quality reported a significantly higher level of trust for the sponsoring brand.
  5. Native ads are predicted to drive 74% of ad revenue in the next five years.3
US Native Display Ad Revenue bar chart

Because native advertising provides both relevant content and enticing action on behalf of a brand or company, this ad format is uniquely positioned between the skillsets of editorial and content writers and traditional marketers. In order to be effective, advertisers must think of native ads as a unique channel and not just repurpose/resize other campaign materials for native deployment.

Since native advertising appears as content, it is important to realize that the viewer may not associate the ad with the advertiser, which makes the landing page even more important. The native ad is qualifying the lead; the user has expressed interested in our content or offering, then it is up to the landing page to quickly connect the user’s interest to our product or brand without appearing disjointed or leaving the user feeling deceived after the clickthrough.

So, what do native ads look like? Here are a few examples:

Native Ad example 2

Read Part 2 of the Native Advertising series for tips on building a great native campaign.

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