New website, brand identity

Brand Launch Video Image

TULSA, OKLA. — AcrobatAnt, an advertising agency serving clients nationwide, launched a new website and brand identity today—designed to reflect the agency’s evolution into a multichannel force with offerings in digital media and website development alongside traditional advertising and brand planning.

“We’ve evolved over the past 12 years, from this tiny little startup that could, to an experienced team with a respected reputation for creative talent and thoughtful service,“ says Angela Harless, co-founder and director of client success. “The uncertainty of this year has really driven home the importance of knowing who we are and what we have to offer.”

So, the leadership team discussed with employees the most important aspects of the agency’s core—things employees will never compromise on: making a meaningful impact, continuing to grow creatively every day, problem solving, teamwork and a collaborative approach to client service.

“It was imperative that our new brand identity reflect our employees’ values and goals,” says David Downing, co-founder and director of account service. “We found common themes as we had these conversations and those became the framework of our new agency positioning.” It boiled down to a core message:

AcrobatAnt—Creatively simple ideas that work.

We guide brands to growth. We deconstruct the complex to make it compelling, and the compelling impactful. Above all, we believe in being good humans and serving our clients thoughtfully well, because it’s just a better way to live.

From there, the creative team got to work. “The ant was our nonnegotiable. He represents our work ethic and collective heart for service,” says Bryan Cooper, partner and creative director. Cooper began by designing a modern take on the ant, creating a kaleidoscopic mark that could transform into elements for the website, brand identity, pitch decks and more.

“We wanted to make him relatable, his eye looking up represents our humble nature,” says Cooper. In the mark, everything circles around one point—representative of the brand strategy focus of the company. “Everything we do is centered on the best, right idea to make an impact for our clients. We wanted to reflect that core of effective strategy in our mark,” says Cooper. “That point always pushes us forward toward growth—for ourselves and our clients.”

Cooper then worked to invigorate the mark with personality, selecting a color palette and smart font that are playful yet streamlined, with the red an ode to the agency’s history. The agency carried this personality through a full website redesign focused on celebrating client partnerships in expertise verticals—healthcare, financial services, hospitality and B2B services.

“Where we landed during our creative process is a logo, website and brand identity that embodies our agency’s approach—friendly, honest, strategy-first, with a lot of fun sprinkled in,” says Cooper. “Our entire team poured their creative spirit into this project and we couldn’t be more excited to share our work with our clients—and anyone looking for creative services.”