Partner Q&A

As we enter the ‘20s (that still sounds weird), the members of AcrobatAnt’s partners offer some thoughts on the agency’s past, present and future.

David Downing — partner, account service director:

Q: What drove the decision to bring Bryan Cooper and David Vávra into partnership?
A: When Danny announced his retirement, it was clear that we wanted more than two partners to maintain the unique management style and culture we have at AcrobatAnt. Bryan and David were the logical choices. Both are beyond talented, have a long tenure with us, are loyal and trustworthy, and are mission-critical to AcrobatAnt in their respective disciplines: Bryan as creative director and David as controller/operations director.

Angela Harless – partner, director of client success:

Q: How has the agency changed since 2008, and where do you see it going?

A: In 2008, we were a small agency—nine or so people—and were dedicated to a handful of clients and their success. Now we have a team of more than 20 people providing services to more than 40 clients on a monthly basis. For our first five years or so, our services were primarily print collateral, traditional media and digital items to support more traditional efforts, like email. Today, most of our strategies include a heavy digital marketing component, with traditional media and collateral playing more of the support role. As we move forward, I see AcrobatAnt leading our clients well beyond driving traffic to a website or getting a phone call. I envision true partnerships that will significantly improve the return on our clients’ marketing investment.

David Vávra – partner, controller, operations director:

Q: In your new role as partner, how do you foresee helping AcrobatAnt fulfill its goals?

A: I’m approaching this new responsibility with a servant’s heart. When this was announced to the staff, I told them that I work for them now. I meant that. My goal is to be as supportive as possible, to help the staff do their jobs and help cultivate an atmosphere where people enjoy coming to work every day. If employees are happy and have what they need to do their job, I’m confident that will pay dividends for AcrobatAnt and our diverse client base.

Bryan Cooper – partner, creative director:

Q: As new creative director, what do you plan to continue from Danny’s leadership? Any changes in store?

A: I worked with Danny for 17 years, so I know how he leads and love the way he did it. It’s not about who’s on top—it’s about teamwork and allowing the best idea to surface among the group. I’ve always admired his philosophy that everyone has an equal voice, and will continue to endorse it. So, moving forward, I don’t expect many changes in the leadership capacity. But before retiring, Danny agreed that it was time for a new look and feel for the AcrobatAnt identity. I created a new logo that he loved, and we hope to roll it out soon.