Taking a Flavor Trip: AcrobatAnt Ignites Crave for Mazzio’s Street Pizzas

“Word on the street is that we’re shaking things up again.”

Street Pizzas are anything but a run-of-the-mill menu addition. Mazzio’s wanted to give the Street Pizza a distinctly different personality to match a delightfully bold flavor profile. So, they called on AcrobatAnt to create an identity that expanded the brand without breaking it. With everything from custom-designed boxes to larger-than-life food truck graphics, this is how we brought the Street Pizza to life. 


All pizza chains have some variation of a “built-for-one” pizza. The Street Pizza, however, takes the concept and spins it into a flavor-forward experience. When we began crafting the identity of the Street Pizza, we kept our focus on flavor innovation, style, and novelty. Street Pizzas needed to stand out from similarly sized offerings in the market. They also needed to appeal to families and couples while piquing the interest of a younger crowd.


Every campaign needs a catchphrase. With our key differentiators in mind, we wrote countless taglines in search of a just-right slogan. Our landing point: “Take a flavor trip.” 

Stylized graphic text that reads "Take a flavor trip."

This catchphrase inspired several iterations of Street Pizza logos, design elements, and layouts. We aimed for something eye-catching, but not too grungy. Something cool, but not overblown. The final look for the Street Pizza is defined by bold, stenciled text, spray-painted textures, and an explosive red background. The simple colors of the design put the spotlight on the pizzas themselves while the textures serve up traditional Mazzio’s flair.

How did we celebrate the new look? By wrapping a food truck in larger-than life Street Pizza graphics.


With the truck as a visual touchpoint, we crafted a TV spot in collaboration with RetroSpec Films that centers on a Mazzio’s delivery driver en route to a party with a truckload of Street Pizzas. Built on friendly interactions and framed by regional landmarks, this TV spot was the ideal way to launch the Street Pizza campaign. Adventurous new flavors? Check. Local appeal? Also check.

Mazzio’s has a new favorite on its hands, and we’re proud to say we helped create it.  

The new street pizza is also getting some well-deserved press and earned media thanks to a partnership with our PR partner, ONE 80 Consulting. Click each image to view digital articles.

PR content covering Mazzio's Street Pizzas
PR content covering Mazzio's Street Pizzas
PR content covering Mazzio's Street Pizzas