Today’s Restaurant Enhancement

The restaurant industry is capital intensive, especially when you’re looking at exterior and interior enhancements. In a franchised brand, there are typically a combination of in-house and consultant teams working on solutions that lead to tougher conversations with franchisees. 

Here’s another consideration for enhancements without the time and resources required to present a “new you”—your website.

Websites can quickly become outdated and, not unlike restaurant experiences, fall short. Over the last few years, marketers have told us that website development—whether it involved an enhanced look, functionality, or added features—was one of the first items to be cut from the budget. 

Updating the visual identity online to match the new brand look—adding visual impact with video content, creating new backgrounds and design anchors to signal relevance and brand momentum—evokes energy. Improved customer flow and quicker load times can be factored into the improved user experience, as well. 

AcrobatAnt can take a conventional or a development approach that is phased in over time. The project can be scoped for a refresh or new site launch. In either case, we will follow a process with impact and efficiencies in mind, starting with a conversation and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our resources include design, copy, and SEO, in addition to what you should expect from a partner. 

If we can help in this journey, contact Steve McGehee, President, AcrobatAnt.