Instagram 2021 Benchmarks Quick Recap

Reports and studies are a lot to digest, so we’ll pull out some key takeaways which may help your brand assess how it is performing compared to others. The study we’ll be referencing is the 2022 Instagram Stories Benchmark Report by RivalIQ.

Post Engagement by Media Type

Instagram is working hard to incentivize more video content to compete with YouTube and TikTok, so this is a good area to invest in in 2022 to engage both followers and the algorithm.

Story Publishing Frequency:

  • Story frequency is up across the board, with the average brand posting an Instagram story 11 times per month.
  • The top 25% most active brands publish stories at least 17 times a month—roughly every other day.
  • The least active 25% of brands publish just over 1 story per week.

Frames Per Day

  • About 35% of story activity comprises days with only one frame.
  • 1-3 frames account for about 60% of brand activity.
  • Nearly 20% of stories have 7 or more frames.

Want to dive deeper? Read What’s the Story with Instagram Stories. Or, contact us and start the conversation about how we can help you reach your goals for with Instagram content.