Smarter Recruitment Marketing

Employee satisfaction is key. But we are all struggling with finding the right employees and providers to make the ideal employee experience a reality. Take a step back to approach the problem with fresh thought.

How can we target our audience with the right message at the right time? By leaning into more targeted digital tactics. While these may be more top-of-funnel, they can help build your funnel for recruiters or more traditional job postings to help close the gap later.

Strategies to consider:

Commuter advertising. Depending on your market, this could include out-of-home, terrestrial radio and/or streaming audio.

Geofencing. Why not geofence your competitors’ locations to reach employees? What do they do at break? Surf on their phone. Targeted digital ads geofenced to the location with other criteria can be a great way to target employees. And they can be retargeted with follow-up digital messaging after they leave.

Dynamic creative. We’ve all explored A/B testing messaging and creative, but this can be done dynamically through responsive ads or other ad-serving platforms to optimize in real-time.

Make it personal. To move prospects down the funnel, retarget with digital ads and on social media based on actions taken on the website.

Make it tangible. Utilize programmatic direct mail to send a direct mail piece to someone looking for a specific job on your website, with a CTA to apply or call. For example, a visitor spends time on your nurse recruiting landing page. This action could trigger a nurse recruiting postcard to be mailed to them after a simple “opt in” click by the user to allow location sharing. (This may require a separate microsite or other considerations to ensure HIPAA compliance on the website itself.)

Expand touchpoints. Acquire prospecting lists for additional custom audience targeting options or create custom lookalike audiences based on first-party data.

Explore texting. Texts have a 98% open rate. If you can get a candidate to text, they may be more open to continuing the conversation (and moving down the funnel) versus taking a cold call.

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