Team-building in the age of COVID-19

If yours is like many offices across the country, you probably still have some—if not all—employees working from home. Even during normal times, team-building is important for strengthening company morale. During COVID-19, it’s even more important to do everything you can to maintain a sense of community even when far apart. Here are several games you can play together as an office via Zoom or Teams.

1. Timed Trivia. This is a great way to get everybody’s creative and competitive juices flowing. Divide into teams or compete as individuals in answering trivia of your choice: sports, history, current events—whatever you like. Everyone downloads a buzzer, and the first team member to buzz in and answer correctly wins. Creating games is easy. Just visit buzz in live’s website for a free buzzer.

2. Name That Tune/Movie. Everyone loves a good test of their musical knowledge, and this is another good way to get the office on the same page to start the day. Our office has also played this game using photos of famous movie scenes. You can even use the buzzer from the trivia game to determine who guesses correctly first.

3. Bingo. And oldie but a goodie, this online Bingo game is easy to organize for a big group. The organizer calls out the numbers determined by an electronic “spinner.” It’s a fun and inexpensive way to bring everyone together even when they’re working from home.  


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