Is it Time to Outsource?

Whether you have a health system of 26 hospitals and dozens of clinics or a single community hospital, one thing is certain: your marketing department is stretched too thin. From community events, internal communications and physician requests to volume-building or retention-focused marketing efforts, how can your team do it all?

Here are a few indicators that it may be time to hire or outsource:

  • It’s difficult to stay on top of current performance and campaign optimizations (because the team is too busy working on the NEXT campaign, deliverable, etc.).
  • You’re always running behind what you had planned.
  • One or more departments/service lines feel that they are being neglected by marketing.
  • You are task-driven instead of strategy-driven (checking the boxes vs. letting the “why” drive).
  • Realizing a lack of team knowledge or skills in a specific tactic or media channel.
  • New tactics, such as influencer marketing, taking more time than anticipated.
  • Other priorities take the team’s focus, like a major milestone or new facility opening.

Despite having a robust internal team, priorities can shift as team members or the business needs change. AcrobatAnt is experienced in supporting your internal team for a short-term engagement (i.e., development of a single campaign) or in a limited scope (i.e., only management of paid search). Many of our healthcare clients have found benefit in carving out a segment of the business that AcrobatAnt can manage, within the health system’s project management system, so their creative director or marketing manager maintains oversight.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these indicators, AcrobatAnt might be your answer. Contact Angela at [email protected] or 918-938-7912.

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